Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The dynamic sphere on which internet marketing exists constantly experience changes and innovative methods used to gather immense attention from customers. And among all the internet marketing strategies, Gamification is the kind of approach that is making a raucous boom at the heart of mobile app business. Businesses feel compelled by all rights to join the trend of Gamification that is the new ripple in mobile app industry.

Application of playful elements to marketing activities is not popular without a strong logic. It is already considered to be the most successful tactics to engage more customers over a long time. By integrating interactive gaming software inside the existing mobile app could be a vital key to gaining maximum customer retention and high customer lifetime value.

So let’s understand how this new customer engagement strategy happens to be the driver of paradigm shift in the competitive world of IT industry to improve real-time customer experience.

Mobile Application Développement

The idea of incentivizing your customers

Industrial organizations and big enterprises leverage Gamiification with a view to offering their customers great incentive standards. This is done to enhance the app usage and customer satisfaction, which ultimately gives dream results in terms of longevity of app usage and consistency of mobile app usability. But the actual benefit that could be more precious than anything for any success-hungry business is getting maximum number of loyal customers.

The best way to make sure you integrate a perfectly functional Gamification technique is to leverage the most experienced mobile app developers. Based on their experience, they will share the latest Gamification trends that can help incentivize your customers and increase the status of your mobile app.

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A Juncture of customer stimulation

This is the crucial juncture as we discuss this when subtle app-specific demand from customers is rising. Users are ready to be anything but bored when they use your mobile app. Keeping excitement level of customers to the peak is one of the key agendas for today’s business owners. Among all other tactics to grip customers’ attention, stimulating customers while playing customer engagement tips is of great importance. So creating successful rewards strategy aimed to deliver exceptional in-app customer experience should be one of the elements businesses need to incorporate in their mobile app.

A gamification design: playing it smart but safe

So far the Gamification is interpreted as playing points, discounts, coupons and scoreboards, which is true in a way. But with competition raising the bar of Gamification features in mobile app, amusing customers inside the app won’t really be enough. The structural design of Gamification model must be made easy to learn and adopt. A mature model developed by the combined efforts of mobile app developer and agile UX expert can yield an effective user experience where customers will feel a sense of accomplishment. This way, each time they arrive, they will feel the natural instinct to use the app more often and fill their in-app journey with a solid purpose.

A thoughtful Gamification learning model

A much bigger challenge for iPhone specialist or Android developers is to shape a perfect learning structure that delivers real-time learning process for app users. While weaving user-friendly gamification architecture within an app, one needs to make sure it looks comprehensive, rich and easy-to-grasp for users involved. Do not build the cobweb complexity like a spider; users will not appreciate spending great amount of time just learning your game-like customer reward model. Be thoughtful and get it tested from a real user who can share their honest reviews for what you create inside the app.

The real time examples

There are some of the illustrious brands that have already showed us how adopting Gamification in their mobile app makes a big difference.

Nike, the big brand in the world of sportsgear, has taken its brand image even further with the effective manipulation of Gamification technique. They offer rewards to their customers and users for maintaining the active lifestyle and keep up their motivation they need for sports and fitness.   

Starbucks is no behind in this and uses this technique to enhance customer loyalty. They give away rewards to their customers in form of incentives and virtual points that enchant customers more than anything.

Be on top of the game

By creating revolutionary rewards – discounts, coupons and loyalty points – you can be on the top of your Gamification game.

Do you know that over 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies surveyed in 2013 declared that they look forward to adopting Gamification for the purposes of marketing activities and customer retention?

This is enough to realize that this is the era of competition and playing smart will keep you ahead. If you are to persuade your customers of brand value, Gamification can be seen as one of the influencers making your products interesting in the eyes of the users.

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