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If you have just commenced in your business, what could be the better way to up the growth than web marketing? Your online website could be the most powerful instrumental to market, improve and promote your products and services. We often meet the clients who want their business to be seen by visitors. They want to create an online structure that showcases what they do, benefits they offer and the details of their business models.

Start ups hold the crucial place in this. They want to utilize the maximum merits online website can offer. But these entrepreneurs looking for a solid web presence may not necessarily be ecommerce merchants and just want to draw people’s attention to their business activities. So as a result, people will pick up the phone to call them or come to their exact location of business.

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Though your website is a great tool to generate leads, any single mistake or a series of them can cost you loss of customers and useful prospects. Small businesses often falter and commit blunders that can be suicidal to their business. So here are some of the tips that can strengthen the online face of your startup business and bring more leads for conversion.

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Your website is trust-deprived

People don’t easily believe what they see online. They need a strong proof to trust your business. Who would like to take risk of being deceived by the unsafe business startup? This is the reason why millions of people gravitate towards making purchase on Amazon. Customers would kill for the products with 5 star ratings. This is called risk minimization.

Tell your customers that your products are tested and loved by existing users. Show them proper testimonials that exhibit trust, customer satisfaction and quality. Include text supported with video that talks about the trustworthiness of your web content.

Goal-specific call-to-actions

The call-to-actions that you incorporate in your website must have clear intention. Be sure about your exact goal before you design determined CTAs. Do you want to generate revenue online through sales? Or do you want to persuade them to find your exact location? Or it’s an email address of a prospect you are looking for? Create a convincing, goal-oriented call-to-action that makes customer take an action you want.

Your existing shabby web design needs rework

Have you chosen a web design that looks shabby, boring and outdated? Eliminate the ugliness of your website appearance because it is possible you are going to send great chunk of future customers back. Since look of your website is connected with the credibility of your business, you got to redesign it.

If you have not contacted a dedicated web designer or web development agency as yet, do it today. They have years of experience and eye for details. Alternatively, you should hire professional UX expert to ensure excellent customer experience. If you discover the best to work with you, your website will hopefully be the one most liked and preferred by the prospects.

Are you still a clichéd representative of your business?

Change your business tagline and the way you want to approach your customers with the idea of selling your products and services. Don’t get stuck with the same imitate lines: “We are XYZ and have been into this business since XXXX, and we believe in whatever”. This is where smart internet marketing strategy can help you gear up for the conversion.

Avoid those clichés. Be straightforward, specific and be a dependable solution that can actually contribute to customer’s life to make everything easier. They don’t want to learn your boastful business ethics. They are interested in tangible returns for the investment they do.

Convert casual browsers into customers

People don’t always visit your website directly to buy your services. More than 90% customers come to your online website just to enquire a few things. This is especially common for startups who are still struggling to make their mark in the market. They might be here to research and try their options. So there is no point in pushing them to make a quick buy decision.  

One infallible strategy is to keep reminding your prospects of your business offerings ever since their start their online journey with you. Taking emails from them is the best way to market your business value. But you can grow beyond just asking for your company newsletters and offer them rewards or incentives in exchange for the precious emails they give you. This exponentially increase your reach and power.

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