Tuesday, 23 February 2016

2015 is gone and in 2016 new hopes are surging in the mobile app market. The previous year was marked by the festivals when customers swarmed to their mobile apps to buy from the best of ecommerce apps. IBM Watson suggests that mobile accounted for 57.2% of all online traffic and 36.2% of all online sales.

Shopping season is well past and companies are now trying to get the hold of their loyal customers again. So this is the time to evaluate the best of 2016 in terms of mobile apps and see what creates the chasm between mobile experience that offers delight for customers and one that endangers your relationship with them.

Contextual approach

It is obvious that content surfaces to be the king for online business owners. Words and media capture the best appeal and engagement after all. But the trend has slightly skewed away from the traditional importance of content and shifted towards the other more vital influencer: Context in which you propose your app.

Context is thought to produce custom interactions to mobile users, which makes it necessary to integrate it into mobile user experience.

Knowing customer’s location personalizes your approach and helps elicit greater response. For instance, location sensor can recognize the place of interaction and can directly notify them about the ongoing offers and discounts as they come nearer.

Integrating detailed information about customers helps tailor the experience that is contextually rich and value-added.

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Intuitive exchange of information

By developing the personality insights of customers through cognitive analysis, cognitive apps can enable businesses reach their long-term goals. They can access minute customer data, build their actual profile and make the customer experience more personalized and pleasant. 

A better user experience means higher response rate and better customer engagement.

This kind of apps are meant for driving intuitive information and quickly growing in the consumer market and expanding further to enterprise level. Employees can utilize the best of such need-specific applications, gather accurate information about customers and deliver punctual customer service.

Ensures security and Brand reputation

Ensuring the optimal level of security is a common concern for customers, IT developers as well as enterprise owners. Businesses want to have safe system where information remains private and confidential without any scope of theft or fraud. Compromising on security means loss of trust, loyalty and ultimately, business. Consumers will feel reluctant to interact with your brand and disbelieve the mobile technology you offer to your customers upon knowing that your website doesn’t have essential security standards. Security level of your website directly affects your brand reputation. So free your website from all risks, malicious attacks and data theft issues.

Believe in the best and greatest

Consumers usually spend a lot of time exploring the different features of the app, which accounts for immense opportunity for customer interaction. The best app produces amazing results and also impacts the sales in brick-and-mortar store. So how can you make sure your app is the greatest among others and have more number of users?

A strong collaboration with established mobile app development agency can ensure you are in the safe hands and that you will always have someone to share and interact in terms of design and development IT team.

Look for the stretch of experience your mobile app development team has. They must have spent at least 5-6 years designing and developing perfect and practically usable mobile apps. Asking for the best examples to prove their credentials will help you understand and trust their work.

Keep a close watch on numbers, facts, and trends through powerful analytics to come up with the real-time data about dominant sentiments behind app downloads, the frequency of downloads and usage, reviews, etc.

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