Friday, 12 February 2016

As the time is passing by, mobile is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. 2015 has been a great year for the mobile industry. Due to improvement in the user experience in mobiles, the users having started expecting more in the applications and websites. 2016 will be the year in which the brands will be interacting with the users on the basis of users’ terms.

Consumer Focus

Businesses now are not only concerned with marketing but also with customer experience. Brands are working progressively in order to improve the user experience at multiple points along the path.

2016 is the year of customer experience. The brands will be focusing on better user experience. Customers now tend to depend more on mobiles for shopping and other type of interactions. Due to this, it is important to adjust the mobile apps. To know and learn more about user experience, the apps in mobile and the websites should be viewed so their needs can be identified according to their experience. Guessing about the customer can lead futile results. It is better to go for relevant data.

You need to develop your app such that customer experience gets boosted as the customers must be attracted towards your product.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will face a drastic improvement in 2016. It will not only retain the customers but also make them engaged. Intelligent notifications are something they should work on for enraging businesses. They must be more customized and provide better contextual relevance.

Content Driven

The methods used earlier for marketers are now proved to be outdated and not so effective. So it is important to include content driven approach in business.
Ability to customize the mobile offerings and the content is going to be the key factor to the success in the future of mobile industry. It is important to track user’s interest by monitoring how they use your app as it can be known what specific content must be delivered to them.

Mobile devices can help in such activities as they are subjected to customers’ hands most of the day and help analyze activities which can contribute greatly to powerful marketing.

Ad Targeting

The concept of ads in businesses yields much more effective results. Relevant data must be mustered from different sources to make the ads more effect. Demographic information and information regarding their preferences can easily be received once they have opted-in for data program. If context of their location is summed up, the advertising programs become invincible.
Your creativeness not only needs improvements but also the approach of your creativeness needs to be concerned.

Deep Linking

Goggle and Apple, both have developed APIs such that mobile apps could be found easily using mobile search. The content in the app can be deep linked just like many other apps do for remunerative businesses. This will open the doors of exclusive content of mobile for the users and such feature won’t be available for other devices. This will create a bridge of conversation and interaction between the brand and the user.

Mobile Video

The trend of video in mobile is like the cherry on the cake to businesses and thus, they are eager to invest in this trend. According to a survey, 58% of the people watch video on their mobile devices on daily basis. An appreciable amount of audience can be formed by creating quality video which can truly be effective. About 48% people prefer accessing to video content in app rather than visiting the website. Hence, it is clear that video content can help fetch a humongous amount of audience.


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