Monday, 8 February 2016

Tweaks, turns and transformations are three pillars that define brand new innovations in web technology. Due to changing landscape of technology, novel practices are coming into view, offering us new trends to follow. With an exit of 2015, unseen website development trends are resonating in the CMS space. So in 2016, we have all new rules of content management that will meaningfully impact the web development science. Here is all you need to digest:

Performance-oriented content

Easy content management is no longer good enough. Performance is what counts. The new demand of web content space is to be able to monitor goals fulfillment through measuring content performance. CMS system must have a system that helps generate feedback to review content performance. This facilitates updating content across various channels. So in 2016, the trend is Marketable Content focused around the improvement of overall performance of the website. With this in mind, content marketing team can put in effect the actionable plans to attract more customers.

Dynamic content display

In order for a company to be outstanding and unique compared to other competitors in the similar industry, personalized expression and content-driven user experience are the major key. In 2015, many ecommerce companies realized this change in content marketing engine.

Having personalized digital experience through dynamic and seamless web CMS is the demand for viable ecommerce in 2016.

Ecommerce ventures that produced rich, meaningful and original content platform survived successfully. 2016 has proposed the theory of having enduring CMS that houses more than just catalog management and static display pages.

Retention rocks indeed

Due to horrible cost involved in acquiring new customers, shrewd merchants now prefer to deal with customers by maintaining their attention and interest in their brands. Once acquired always remains acquired. This is the new motto of ecommerce business owners. Content marketing 2016 has included customer retention as a new trend. Loyalty has become major focus for brand marketing and opening the windows of upsell opportunities.

In 2016, content-driven marketing strategies are likely to take the shift in looking at the customer journey. So the approach for customer experience solutions will now become more holistic and exhaustive, focusing more on retention than acquisition.

Moving on from Short-sighted language approach

The technology does hold the magic; however, content management system is no longer fully dependent on the technology used – Java, PHP or .Net. APIs are making it easy for content managers to update content and functions of modern web CMS. So the old mythology of technology needs to be abandoned in 2016. The new trend is to focus on all round actions of content development and management that does not just revolve around platform’s basal code and language used.

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