Tuesday, 16 February 2016

In the world of technology, the unthinkable is most likely – and most expected – to happen. Apple along with its exaggerated launches and dauntless statements is taking the innovation in its league. After implementing awe-inspiring, successful plans about digital exposure in mobiles and tablets, TV is the next big thing for future Apple. Apps centered on TV is ready to surprise the future of tomorrow, making TV more than just a primary living-room entertainment device. 

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Apple’s enthusiastic claims now include technological advancement in TV and transformation of the TV-oriented world into something really smart, dynamic and unconventional.

Here we have garnered amazing ways your TV can be a wish-granting machine.

Different angles of TV as home entertainment

Time Magazine’s report last year unveiled how TV is changing the definition of home entertainment and making broadband fanatics consider its benefits all over again. Speculations suggest that domestic use of TV in America itself is receding by 12 minutes every day.

However, there is another story, the other way around. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV coupled with Netflix are trying to make TV experience smarter and interesting. Due to the curious intervention of these services, traditional TV channels and programs are endangered, still helping TV remain the major source of household entertainment.

So here comes the juncture where apparently slow TV use happily meets steady increase in internet activities.

The pool of games

TVOS based games is what Apple aims for.

Apple’s future gaming ventures include Crossy Road, Star Wars and Asphalt 8. All of these are already spreading a word on Youtube ads.

This is enough to convince entrepreneurs to invest in TV apps. Youth will especially feel a stir to take personal interest in the promise of awesome new Apple game consoles. The games market will possibly be drenched in the pool of Apple games, setting an enjoyable challenge for the whole games market.

The blossoming charm of IoT – internet of things

The ‘internet of things’ has shown to be an emerging digital hero. So the idea of controlling your household operations from the comfort of home through household device (such as TV) is now becoming a breakthrough out-of-the-box approach.

So you can imagine yourself lounging on your living-room couch, enjoying the delight offered by your TV, remotely giving it a command to control your house objects and family activities – thus, your world is made practically comfy and easy through digital communications and working connectivity.

This is how your TV comes alive to be a life savior and play more than just a primary entertainment tool.

Human voice commands will make everything of your life convincingly easy. No need to worry about battery backup or struggling to press jaded remote buttons. All you are expected to do is giving a simple voice command to get what you want – weather report, sports updates and scores, commodity prices and everything in between.

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