Friday, 5 February 2016

The market of ecommerce is raging up day-by-day. Magento being an open source platform is the first choice for most online stores while PrestaShop development is gaining a boost in its popularity. Let us compare the two platforms to know which one suits your business needs.


PretaShop, compared to Magento is easier to install and configuration too is simple. Magento is also easy to install but when it comes to configuration, it gives a reality check but also provides extended functionalities. What makes PretaShop overtake Magento is its plus point of being available in 40+ languages.


PretaShop facilitates you with all the features that you would think of. It features 25000 plugins, which are customizable that pushes it ahead of Magento having 1500 plugins.
Magento, still isn’t far away. It provides outstanding features called CMS, Multi-store feature, product comparison etc. It is even better with SEO which is a nitro booster in your business success.


In this zone, Magento is a clear winner because it comes up with more organized support team thatis concerned for your needs.
PretaShop on other hand, would hardly require any support service as it is too easy to use.


The cost doesn’t matter much to ecommerce stores but it does to small stores and startups. PretaShop is a free tool and so is Magento Community Edition. Magento Enterprise Edition, unlike the Community Edition, costs you some bucks that might loosen your wallet.

Final Verdict

Both, Magento and PrestaShop are best in themselves which make it quite difficult to come the best aomg them. If one provides the benefit of being free, the other comes up with unique features. If you are a startup-person, PrestaShop can be the tool for you. Later, you can upgrade to Magento.


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