Monday, 14 December 2015

At the time of the year when the traffic to brick and mortar store is high, it will be difficult for customers to hit the store and buy something. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas are some of the festive rites of passage that take the world of trade by the storm and observe the peak in the business. Everything about shopping suddenly comes alive and resonates with those who really want to make the most out of the festive spirit.

But what strikes as a con is the fact that all the wayside stores are cluttered with innumerable people. Not all of them would be able to browse, learn and evaluate the items of their interest amid the hustle and scramble of frenetic shoppers. So on the day like Black Friday when the deals are customized to meet buyer’s needs, mobile apps can turn out to be a hero for opportunistic buyers.

Black Friday 2015 gave us an exciting dose of business values and lessons to take from. So in the hindsight, we ought to take a brief look at what really happened.


Shopping in leisure


If you refer to the American way of shopping, you can say whenever there is a time off from their busy festive activities, they choose to invest those moments of leisure to shop around. Here is what we saw during this Black Friday spree. Even though Thanksgiving showed more rush of people at shopping stores, Black Friday was no underdog.

Adobe confirmed the ecommerce sales figure: Thanksgiving registered 25% more sales as compared to last year’s gains whereas Black Friday did perform well and observed 14% more sales growth in ecommerce stores.

The reason why Black Friday Event did well but not exceedingly well lies in the fact that real enthusiasm was already experienced during the previous day of Thanksgiving.


Smart shopping habits


The importance of Smartphone as best shopping medium is evident from the way mobile shoppers turned out to be the higher contribution in online store traffic on such crucial days. So those who still purse over the idea of digital shopping need to rethink over their stubbornness and prejudice. If your mobile responsive website or application eternally underperforms, it is the time to worry.


Review the conversion rates


Scot Wingo, Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor said that conversion is still an ongoing problem for online commerce and it is very much open to discussion for further analysis and solutions. ChannelAdvisor deduced that 5 out of 100 visitors to an online store made a purchase on Thanksgiving, and just 2 out of 100 visitors to a mobile shopping site or app.

So many investors who have invested their hope in online commerce wouldn’t see expected results and may slump in the pit of loss.


Recurrent Technical problems


Technical problems often arrive when you least expect the trouble, making your heyday your worst nightmare in the business. This year, there were instances during Thanksgiving and Black Friday when online ecommerce websites crashed because of overwhelming traffic rush. Lack of technical deficiency did make those websites vulnerable to demanding customers’ needs.

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