Tuesday, 8 December 2015

You have heard of user experience so many times while dealing with ecommerce website development. But have you really discern the importance of having great customer reviews in place? Don’t make the mistake of taking your users’ reviews lightly because there are people who really look for the trust factor for shopping on your website. And their trust comes from how genuine your online products and services are.

Shoppers are keeping a close watch on how authentic and trustworthy your website resonates to them. And the ratings of your online store decide the most of your future conversion.  

More than 70% customers tend to leave your website feeling disappointed, realizing that your website is not good at getting good conversion.

On an average of all the shoppers visiting ecommerce portals, nearly 90% of them feel inspired to make purchase after reading relevant reviews.

Trust is the direct gain


Of course, nobody would like to even consider your website as a preferable online shopping store if there is nothing to trust. Credibility is what you gain directly with the help of critical reviews, positive or negative, in favor or a little straightforward. It won’t matter as long as it means something to viewers.

Reviews clearly remove any feeling of suspicion from the minds of the site visitors. If you want to reach the potential traffic, first let them feel safe, secure and confident.

It will be useful even when you want your customers to stay at least for a couple of minutes. Reviews grip them for a while during which their mindset is built around considering your store for more.

It evokes value


Positive review supporting the product description does a great deal of image improvement in the sight of the customer. Good words shared on a product speak of its flattering value, which in turn enhances the satisfaction level. A review on a product reveals how customer feels about the product and how it is useful to them. The honest expression is much appreciated by the viewers who want to get the final confirmation. It also helps enhance the appearance of product among visitors. So whether the product is good or bad, it can be majorly judged based on what others have felt about it.

SEO benefits


What customers get to see on Google search pages is something that mesmerizes them; they find it genuine, most admirable and widely accepted. Search engine tends to welcome the content material that keeps updating and is unique, fresh and original. With customer reviews listed on a product, user will see it displayed on Google pages, increasing traffic to your website and conversion rate.

Empowers decision making


What we read is what we process in our mind, meaning that there will always be a psychological affection attached to how visitors conceive reviews expressed by others. The information that the reviews content give clarifies a lot many doubts and confusions as it has got something that even detailed product description doesn’t contain. It is made of real-time experiences of people, which is more believable than any other type of testimonials. It will sure help your customers while making decision.

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