Tuesday, 1 December 2015

If online shopping has increased the comfort level of many customers, there is something ecommerce business has been confronting that is scaring so many of them away. What is it, you may ask? Call it a level of security and protection of private data, a requirement that matters more to those happy shoppers than luxury of online shopping. More and more customers are leaving with a note of lingering disgruntlement on account of dismaying safety measures on ecommerce platform. You might have tried the biggest and most sophisticated conversion tactics to entice customers, but have you thought about the impression your customers have as they arrive on payment step of conversion funnel?

Think again! All you efforts to persuade the customers using the most convincing inbound marketing strategies will fail if you openly flout considering what lies in the minds of your to-be-buyers. Here is what you can learn to inspire trust and confidence in customers for your online services.


Why does cart abandonment keep happening?


People are not going to purchase anything from you until they are sure about their decision – until they know what they are doing and whom they are trusting. People are going to settle for your online store only when they are assured of the confirmation that the confidentiality of their intimate information is well-protected. Absence of such assurance may result into dreadful occasions of cart abandonment.

Along with protection, security standards is something customers do consider especially when they are sharing personal information like home address, contact details and credit card numbers to place an order online. So if you are an ecommerce entrepreneur worried about visibly apparent loss of prospect customers, you just got a reason to work on your privacy and security measures.


How to avoid online scams?


1. One surefire way to make your website immune to fraudulent attacks is to follow PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Merchants who process card payments must adhere to it and ensure protection for original cardholder.  They need to comply with robust access control measures to leave little scope of data theft.

2. The second best way is to opt for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) authentication as it provides safe and secure interaction between customer and the server. Are you following PCI compliance? Go ahead and do it to establish a secure server and inspire trust. This way you preemptively stop from leaking the financial and personal company data.

3. Are your employees involved in criminal acts? Do they have a criminal history? Don’t be surprised. Before you employ a candidate, run a DBS (CRB) criminal record check on them. Since they are hugely exposed to sensitive customer information, they all need to be taught about protecting customer information and keeping their data secure. Prepare them about relevant laws and policies.

4. There is no need to keep the sensitive customer information with you for a long time. Details like payment card details, personal contact addresses and numbers or longer can create a risk of losing them to untrustworthy hackers. It can be used to make fake online accounts and faux identity to further increase the possibility of illegal information theft.

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